UR Academy

Introducing UR Academy

Established in December 2020, UR Academy aspires to provide professional training to individuals with or without beauty knowledge that have a strong passion for Aesthetic and a desire to explore a career as an Aesthetician.


UR Academy also aims to provide women with the skills to be more than competent in their chosen fields to help them attain financial stability and freedom.


Over the past couple of years, we have successfully trained over 40 professional graduates.

What The Course Entails

Facial Skin Pigmentation Knowledge

Aesthetic Assessment & Skills

Technical Skills (Skin Analysis & Photo Taking)

Skin Care Knowledge & Usage

Facial Treatment

Facial Skin Firming Treatment

Laser Treatment

Customer Service (Communication Skills)

Aesthetic Field Sales Skills (Closing Skills)

Operation Skills Related to Aesthetic Business (Operational Systems)

Want to Learn More?

UR is always on the lookout for individuals who are talented and
willing to learn. Speak to us about how you can progress with UR
after completing this course.

Enrolment Requirements

  • This certification scheme is suitable for females with
    (preferably > 2 years) or without working experience in
    the beauty aesthetic field who wish to be certified.
  • Age: 18-30 (therapist)
  • Able to communicate in Mandarin
  • A person displaying a high level of good morality and
    character, listening skill, diplomacy and time keeping