mystery shopper programme

UR company strive for consistently exceeding our customer’s expectations on quality of services and improvement of quality management system to achieve customer’s satisfaction. We wish to optimize customer’s value to the greatest.


As much as we are concerned, we are certain that as a customer you would like to enjoy a high standard of service every time you visit UR Klinik outlet. One of the effective ways to maintain our service quality is through Mystery Shopping.


Mystery shoppers can really help us to find out what the whole process is like for a customer and provide insights on where improvements can be made. The whole process brings instant data to be analyzed and can be acted upon and implemented in a short space of time.

If there are glaring problems that a customer sees or feels, but employees and management are oblivious to, then these can be flagged up to be actioned quickly.


We strongly believe that ‘YOU’ who act as our customer will be the most ideal people to assist us in this project. If you are interested to become a Mystery Shopper of UR Klinik, details are as below:

What Does A Mystery Shopper Need To Do?
  • You are responsible for posing as a customer, observing the overall workings of the business and feeding back their opinions on the company as a whole from a customer’s perspective.
  • Turn up in outlet and enjoy your whole session of light treatment as you wish.
  • Complete a google form to assist us in gathering information on the perspective of customers’ experiences. (Google form will be provided to you via whatsapp)
Who Can Be A Mystery Shopper Of UR?
  • Anyone (male or female) who does not done our first trial in any one of outlet can be our mystery shopper.
  • Age must be 18 and above. (Shoppers will be randomly selected and The Company reserves the right to appoint anyone according to suitability).
  • Existing customers are not qualified to become our mystery shopper.
How To Become Mystery Shopper Of UR?

1. Fill up the application form as attach in this link.
2. Once you are selected, our QA team will contact you and explain more details of this program.

What’s more….
  • Once you are existing mystery shopper, you may share this programme to your fellow friends and family to earn extra incentives as a referral fee.
  •  We do concern your privacy protection. All the information you provide to us will be for internal use proposes only.


How’s exciting! Let’s sign up to become one of us.


Once you are selected, you will be contacted by these following QA and numbers:
Halley: 0178248388 / 0176760779

How To Become Mystery Shopper Of UR?

1. Fill up the application form as attach in this link.