What Is The Best Treatment To Remove Pigmentation in Malaysia?

What is the best treatment to remove pigmentation?

Pigmentation removal can be divided into 2 methods:

1. Non-laser method

It is actually quite easy to find many skin care products for whitening and pigmentation removal. Generally, these skin care products use fruit acids (AHA) to speed up the peeling process of our skin, and our pigmentation will look lighter after the peeling. However, skin care products containing fruit acids (AHA) may cause other skin problems such as sensitivity and dryness.

2. Light Therapy / Laser Pigmentation Removal Treatment

Light Therapy is actually a kind treatment utilizing different wavelength of light, which we also call laser. We often misunderstood that laser treatment use a type of light to remove all kind of pigmentations. But in fact, Light Therapy effectively utilize different wavelengths to target different pigmentation problems.

A professional Light Therapist should know your skin conditions, types of pigmentation (Freckles, Melasma, Age spots or Ota Nevus-like Spots) and the layer of pigmentation (Surface or Deep spots) before providing you the best pigmentation treatment.

The principle of Light Therapy Pigmentation Treatment is Selective Photothermolysis. This advanced Light Therapy technology only target on melanin.

When light is absorbed by the melanin, the light energy is converted into heat energy. After that, the thermal energy will decompose the targeted melanin into smaller molecules. Finally, the body’s immune system cells such as white blood cells or metabolism will digest these small molecules.

After a few weeks, your pigmentation will gradually become lighter and even disappear. Different kind of pigmentations have different absorption rates for different light wavelengths.

This explains why we need to use different laser settings to remove different kind of pigmentations. Incorrect use of laser treatment may lead to skin damage. Remember to consult pigmentation expert or aesthetic professional for the best treatment result.

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