Does dry skin cause pigmentation?

Does dry skin cause pigmentation?

Water is very importance in human body as it occupied about 70% in our body. Everyday our body needs water to function smoothly. Water has many functions for our human body, including transporting nutrients to each cell, taking waste from human metabolism out of the body, regulating body temperature, helps in digestion and blood circulation.

Water also plays a very important role in our human skin. The metabolic process of our skin requires water to constantly making new skin cells. To generate these new cells, we need the manipulation of water. Water is needed to make new skin cells at the same time water is also needed to excrete waste products from the body. Waste products on the skin should be excreted out from the body to prevent the remains on the skin, as after a long time, they will turn into toxins and cause skin aging. Therefore, skin moisture plays an importance role in our skin.

There is actually a ‘detector’ in our skin, and this ‘detector’ will detect whether the moisture in our skin is sufficient at any time. When this ‘detector’ detects that our skin is not hydrated enough, it starts producing ‘messages’ we called biochemicals. Afterwards, this enzyme will report to the melanin mother cells. After receiving this information, the melanin mother cells will start to produce melanin to protect their skin. When the melanin keeps accumulating in the same place, spots will form. But if the skin is sufficiently hydrated, this message will not be sent. Therefore, persistently dry skin will cause the formation of spots.

A dry skin can look dull and aged than a normal skin, which directly affects a person’s appearance and overall radiance. So, what exactly causes our skin to be dry? The first reason is using the wrong skin care products, let us take facial cleanser as an example. Cleanser is something that we use every day, and we use it at least twice in a day. If we choose the wrong facial cleanser, it can seriously affect our skin moisture level. Do not use body wash as cleanser for convenience. Body wash often scented and dyed. This may cause irritation, redness and dry skin. After using the body wash on the face, the skin on the face will be very tight, and this tightness indicates that the skin is very dry. If the skin care products ingredient contains too many chemicals, it will also cause the facial skin to become dry. Or after washing your face, if you didn’t apply moisturizer, it also will result in facial skin dryness. Besides that, staying in the air-conditioned room for a long period of time will also lead to excessive dryness. This will ultimately cause our skin to dry out, thereby stimulating melanin mother cells to produce melanin, increasing the possibility of spot formation.

To prevent our skin from getting too dry, we need to choose the right facial cleanser, abandon skin care products with too many chemical ingredients, and keep the skin moisturized all the time. If you are always staying in an air-conditioned room for a significant amount of duration, you could install a humidifier. Well hydrated skin is always one of the best way to reduce spot formation.

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